Beach Fishing vs Boat Fishing

With beach fishing, I have fond memories of walking down beautiful remote white sandy beaches in New Zealand dragging Surf Castors, tackle and enough food for a small army with my father.

For any Boatie around my age (mid-life) it is almost a rite of passage. Learning to fish off a beach is quite and art – especially a surf beach. No drones, balloons for anything remotely technical other than the longest rods possible.

Many of these outings were completely uneventful, but I must be honest the thrill of landing a game fish off the beach is quite something. Kawai, Kingfish, and Ocean Trout and Salmon in Australia to name a few running through the surf is one of the most exhilarating sites as a keen young fisherman.

But to be honest, I do remember these outings as the catalyst for saving for my first boat. Watching the runabouts leave the coast searching for the real big fish offshore came from what I thought at the time as the arduous beach fishing outings. The grass is always greener and all that.

Little did I know of the real cost. The fish were sometimes bigger but so were the bills – not the fishy one’s. The simplicity and low cost of beach fishing is so attractive versus the “Break out another thousand” (BOAT).

It seems to be a strange circle of life, but as soon as I had children I took them beach and wharf fishing, and yes my son moans through the whole outing and yes, says” why don’t we just take the boat”!

Why don’t you share your crazy fishing stories, we would love to hear them even if you think they are epic failures, let us know we will totally sympathise. If they are amazing all the better and please send any photo’s you might have to the team here at TinnieSales – always in for a laugh, we may even post and share them on our Facebook channel.