What a hell of a year 2020 has been so far, and it’s only April

For outdoor people, self-isolation is hell, but to win this battle against an invisible enemy. We have to stand apart to actually pull together and do what it takes.

As many of you will agree, these are strange times!

As the team from TinnieSales has gone into self-isolation, we have continued working on developing our Tinnie market place. Creating a site we can be proud of.  As someone who does not fight fires or help the wider community in any other way.

We thought that the only charitable thing we could possibly do for the boating community. ‘Who will be doing it tough!’ is to offer the services of the site absolutely free for the next month. That is regardless of the value of your boat.

It was always our intention to offer our loyal Facebook followers a free promotion.

Claim your free 30 day listing here


To keep the brain ticking I have made a list of the things I am doing at home. I have three kids so this is extra tough.

  1. Still set an alarm
  2. Bake
  3. Clean Cars – properly for once
  4. Write
  5. Watch the fishing channel
  6. Catch up on the fishing channel again
  7. Plan everything I possibly can for the year
  8. Watch the movies I have been meaning to for the past few years – it’s a long list
  9. Connect with people I have been meaning to for a very long time
  10. DIY – obviously only if you have the materials
  11. Watch the fishing channel – again

If you can help add to my list please do so. All comments welcome.

Please take care, stay positive, and find some time for having fun and smiling. It is challenging trying to be normal under the current restrictions; however, I am confident we will get through this, together.