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We understand what a huge challenge the tinnie sales marketplace will face in Australia during the next 12 months. Our timing could not be worse, but we think the Boating public in Australia is ready for TinnieSales – a dedicated advertising platform for Tinnie Lovers!
During these uncertain times, human instinct is to plan the way people want to live their lives after the Corona Virus – Boating. We think it’s time to build your profile but not your costs.TinnieSales is offering Tinnie resellers advertising of all your boats (Tinnie’s) with absolutely NO cost for your first 3 month on your selected package .
We will also assist with the loading of your inventory onto our new site. Please click the link below and one of our sales representatives will give you a call and discuss how we can move as many of your Boats and your Dealer profile onto our Platform.

No cost per call or cost per click

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