Stabilise your Tinnie and save lives. One of the clear differences between Tinnie’s – aluminium boats and fibreglass boats is their weight. The benefits of a lightweight boat are obvious; less fuel consumption, durable hull material, easier to launch, tow and manoeuvre. All these benefits and many more in my option make the Tinnie stand out, and it’s obvious benefits have made it become Australia’s highest-selling boat. The trade-off, however, as any avid boat enthusiast will tell you is stability.

Tinnie’s are easier to roll, tip and breach. That said a lot does come down to the person behind the wheel and the conditions. One of the solutions we have found is the award-winning Kaptan Boat Collar, is truly the best way to stabilise your Tinnie.

The creator Pat Jones, a boiler-maker by trade and boat builder, swapped the family home for eight fantastic years on a yacht and gave his teenage kids a great adventure. However, the unsafe and unstable choices of either a tippy tinnie or deflatable RIB, for my family, pushed him to analyse boat designs and look at creating an attachable device.

In 2009 after his 4.3m Tinnie nearly capsised during a return bar crossing the passionate boat designer created the Kapten Boat Collar. Pat and his family take great pleasure in making boats safer and saving lives.

If you feel that your Tinnie is a little unstable and you question its safety jump on their website select what you need and visit their network of Australian installers.