Tinnie, is it a beer or a small parcel of drugs?.

Tinnie or tinny? Around the office here at TinnieSales, we have debated for several months the correct spelling and meaning of the boats we love the Tinnie/y.

After numerous boat shows and googling, we have one strong opinion. None of us know. The office here at TinnieSales is a little international well maybe Australasian. The Kiwi side debating that the name really does refer to the underworld of drug dealing. On the other side Australian that is, we have all sorts of meanings, Tinny – Beer, Tinny Bastard (a lucky guy with Beer and Hotwife).

What hasn’t stopped is that every time we see an advert, signage or general information regarding Tinnie/y’s we look at the boat first and the spelling of the name section. Sad, I know.

Typically when you build a business to sell a product, the least of your concerns is how you spell the name of the product. A hammer is a hammer. Job done!

The creation of the TinnieSales brand has been something of a puzzle. Multiple visits to boatyards, boat ramps and boat shows have not helped to clarify the issue any further. The Macquarie Dictionary doesn’t help solve the puzzle it just extends it further. Typically the difference between the Australian definition and New Zealand is nothing short of weird. Beer or drugs, vice, Tinnie or the other?

So for your amusement, I have copied the Macquarie Dictionary’s definition. If you have a strong opinion, please let us know I’m sure it will help reinvigorate the debate.

Macquarie Dictionary‘s Definition

The slang or colloquial term tinnie or tinny has a variety of meanings, generally derived from some association with the metal tin or aluminium foil which has a loose allusion to tin. … In New Zealand, a “tinny” or “tinnie” can be a small package of cannabis wrapped in tin foil (cf.

Tinny has been identified as Australian slang for a can of beer. Personal experiences with the name Tinny. Tinny came of a sibling’s difficulty pronouncing Bryn which instead sounded like tin then settled on “Tinny” … Nicknames for Tinny. Tinny is a nickname for Bryn.

Noun. tinnie (plural tinnies) (Australia, slang) A can of beer. (Australia, slang) A small open aluminium boat. (New Zealand, slang) A small package of drugs wrapped in foil.

Short for tin-arse, “tinny” is also used in Australia and New Zealand to mean “lucky”, where an in individual should have met with bad circumstances but has avoided them through sheer luck. A common phrase would be “he’s a tinny bastard”.

Yes, tinny is in the scrabble dictionary.

We would love to hear your views on this!