A Tinnie wrap can make your boat stand out, and can improve the value if get it right!

I wish I knew about having a Tinnie wrap years ago!. Trying not to show my age I gave an old Seanymph a facelift in New Zealand. Being a fiberglass boat and an avid diver – not the best combination, I had dropped a few weight belts and the odd dive tank. The boat needed fiberglass repairs and was left looking a little tatty. After going around in a few small circles, I was able to contact the boat manufacturer and get replacement decals. That was the old days. After all the work, the boat looked and felt the same. No real improvement.


Marlin, Tuna, Mahi Mahi Boat Wrap – Narooma, New South Wales

Boy how the digital world has changed how we can dress a boat. If you have the vision and really want to make a difference, you can. Take your concept to get help from real artists and take your design to your boat – and it’s cost-effective.

I’m not sure if many of you have ever encountered the costs of repainting a boat. Even the do-it-yourself prices are crazy. Marine paints are not cheap, and the sanding never stops.


Marlin, Tuna Boat Wrap – Brisbane, Queensland

Have a look at some of these designs from the team at Fish Wreck, they have taken the marriage between art design boat wraps to another level.

What I find exciting is the ability to take an older boat and give it a fresh exciting look. And let’s be honest, Tinnie hulls can be pretty dull, they just don’t have the glamour of their Fiberglass counterparts. But add a Tinnie wrap and wow.

Mariln boat wrap

Bonefish, Permit and Tuna Boat Wrap – Gladstone, Queensland

I also love the way the boats name and branding can be merged into the design. I know it’s taboo but to also blend the motor design is impressive.

I have only posted a small sample of the designs available at Fish Wreck, their site is well worth a surf. If you don’t have an idea of what you would like 10 minutes, on their site will change your mind. For the smaller Tinnie lovers see a few ideas below, even the smaller boats can stand out from the crowd.

small tinnie boat wrap

Snapper, Mangrove Jack, Marlin Boat Wrap – Hervey Bay, Queensland

These designs are from the Artist Nick Laferriere, who is one of the founding artists at Fish wreck. Nick has developed a unique style of fish skeleton and grunge art that is only available through Fish Wreck. His unique style is unlike any other artwork available and was the pioneer in developing fish skeletons with attitude, combining skeletal features and features from live fish.

Dual Blue Coral Trout Boat Wrap, Mackay, Queensland

Fish Wreck

From the weekend bait soaker to the hardcore devoted lure fisherman, Fish Wreck is about giving you quality gear featuring world renown artists using principled and ethical manufacturing practices at affordable prices.

Fish Wreck’s focus is Australian made and their crew is some of the most experienced in the trade.  The result is an apparel and Tinnie wrap company that has gained respect from its peers for its quality, individual, fresh and original designs.

Check out their site below